Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Psychosis of Zionism - Conclusion

Woodchip  concludes its eight part examination of the nature of Zionism with some brief concluding remarks


Part I,   (Rewinding History), questions the validity of Zionism’s persecutionist narrative.

Part II,  (Nosing After Blood), examines Zionism’s grounding in racialist pseudo-science and 19th century social Darwinism.

Part III, (Blood & Cant),  explains how Zionism combines racialist notions with a persecutionist narrative in order to create a false helix of Jewish identity.

Part IV, (An Article of Faith),  discusses theological spectacle and the role of the "Holocaust" in Zionist apologetics.

Part V, (A King Like Unto Other Nations),  discusses the idolatry of nationalism and how it is inimical to both the Prophetic and Christian traditions. 

Part VI, (The New Homeland),  examines  the anti-historical nature of Zionism.

Part VII, (Hammering Back to the Future), summarizes political implementation of Zionism, and the premises on which Israel has been founded vis a vis the aspirations of the Palestinians.

Part VIII, (To Be and Not to Be)  discusses the perverse role of “Israel’s Right To Exist” in Zionist apologetics.

Part IX,  (All of it for All of Us)  offers concluding thoughts in favor of a "One State" solution. 

The article in its entirety is found [ here ]